consumer and producer

Consumer is a person that takes in things, and producer is that makes the thing the consumer takes. For example: If you listing to music you’re a consumer, but if you
make the music you’re a producer. If you watch television you’re the consumer, but if you make the
show you’re the producer. Those are some example of consumers and producers.
Most of the time I’m a consumer when I’m using the computer to go to
Face-book or Media Xperiments but I can be a producer when I use this network place too make a blog
or a new page for people to view.

I’m also a consumer when I watch television or listen to the radio. But to be the producer in these categories I will
have to make something. For example: if you make the music, you’re the producer and if you make the show, record it, and make it in to a tv screen then you’re a producer. But you don’t gotta make it in the screen or in the radio to be a producer. You can be a producer in you’re home or where ever you’re located at.
Is it a good or bad thing to be out of balance?
Well it depends on what is good or bad for the person.
If you like to make things and consume things then maybe you will like to be balance. If you make things you might wanna be more out balance and be balance to the side of producer, but if you keep consuming things that will be bad for the person if he or she is a producer.

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