Scientific Method

The scientific method is a process to solve or comprehend something in a more profound and analytical way. This method is what solves and creates awareness for the innovation and understanding of the world. These steps are the foundation of discovery and technological advancements for all kinds of fields. This process includes finding a problem that is most interesting to you, and based on what you know about, you create a hypothesis that states your opinion of what you think is going to be the outcome experiment. The method or procedure is the essential steps to the outcome, basically the steps to your goal and the way you will conduct you experiment. Of coarse, we should not forget that materials are crucial. Without materials and the necessary equipment, it will be impossible to experiment. After you have varied the independent and dependent variables, then you can start to collect data. Usually, data is transferred to a graph or table for the readers to comprehend. Finally the conclusion, this step is where the data is interpreted and explain how this will be beneficial to the world.

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