my first poem

Day one of the nightmare come true and I already cant handle the internal wait for the first of when the phone comes on and when Latrice is going to ever forgive me for not calling her for a day. I just hope it don’t get bad.Day two of this walk through the valley of shadow of no calls and no way to talk. I really miss the phone now and I just past life by boring myself to sleep. Also I miss calling latrice so much I couldn’t nothing but sleep anywhos. Day three and like I thought about all day actually happened everything came back on and i’m happy bout it. Yet the only things I really missed is my music and my girl, Latrice. My my life turned it’s head on me everything back on and I feel great. More over less through i’m just glad to talk to Latrice. Other than that I don’t care or can’t notice. Well thats bout it for these series for now. Yeah and again i’m back on here typing the same thing but in a differnet way. Man I need something to do more interesting. I also had a very hungry moment today. Oh yeah and I had blanked out again and I think that mom think I have dietbetes. I hope I don’t….. well school is in session and all ready now ( after two or three days ). Hey it’s not all bad i’m starting to meet new people. Yet in a way how can that be bad. Well another day another dollar yet now I have purpose so what now. To go public and see how people think of my poem.

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