The J W technology

Portable Printer

Jaden – Are you tired of big bulky printers that you can even take with you on your head because if you did it would hurt or on the way to school and you forgot to print your homework? Well, be tired no more for there is now a completely new idea Portable Printer.


Christian Nelson – Stationary things suck! Especially printers! I can recall many times when I was rushing to school to go to my English class and arrived to class and had forgotten to print my report! I got an F! So what the F am I going to do? I need a portable printer! J


George- I’m always on the go, so I need a printer I can bring around with me. Carrying this printer around has been a real hassle! It really slows me down.


Jaden – well now that’s just not right. So lets see what these same people think about my new invention The Portable Printer.


Christian Nelson – Omg I freaking love this portable printer! Printing has never been so.. Universal. I am now able to print my English papers, checks, resumes, etc where ever and whenever I wish it. I feel free. : D


George- This is much more convenient. When I am in a rush to get to class or work, I don’t have a huge printer slowing me down.


Jaden – see because of my new project these peoples life are better their souls are better and it’s all because of The J W technology which shouldn’t be used by people under the age of 10 and over the age of 110 because this product was only made for people who have work to do that involves printing but the people under 10 and over 110 don’t usually need to print anything. Not available for my sister, I’m talking to you, Janoah!

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