Boo the Monster

Boo is the next big thing, even bigger than Frankenstein’s monster. I can prove it. His creation is only 8 feet tall. That’s no big deal, Boo is 12 feet tall. Anything his creation could do, Boo could do better.

I’ve created this monster that could do anything a normal human-being could do, except he could do it so much better than we can. That’s a good thing right? No one likes doing anything besides laying on their lazy butts while Boo helps them with their daily tasks, cooking their meals, going to work for them, even going to school for them. This would be my business model. I will tell people I have created something so out of this world, you wouldn’t even believe it if you saw it. I will let people have a 30 day trial with boo and see how they like him, off course they will love him because he does absolutely everything.

Exposing Boo to more knowlegde then I have already programmed him with could be fatal, but we’re to lazy to care. What makes Boo famous is that he does anything. Whatever we tell him to do, he does it because that’s his job… but what makes him infamous is while being lazy we have exposed him to more knowledge than ever. Now we are in fear of Boo taking over, with his minions that he created. My creation has created his own creation.

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