Famous Monster

Frankenstein’s monster inspired me to create a girl that would be mechanical and would win ms. universe. Me and the guys who created Bonquifa wanted her to be the most beautiful girl in the world. we wanted her to have a thin, lean body, witha six pack. We decided that the monster would like to party and drink so we decided that the monster should have to drink whiskey to refuel. On the process of constructing the monster, we accidentally threw in too many muscles. We then had to get all the mechanical parts in her head so we had to make the head huge, and we had to stitch it up, so there are scars and stitch marks all over her head. This monster was gonna run for ms. univers so we mad her well developed, maybe alittle too well developed. she came out with 3 breast. Since our monster wasn’t good looking enough, she couldn’t take the ms. universe route, so she used the whiskey as her way to stardom. Soon after changing her route to stardom, she became known as the woman that was on the whiskey commercials. She made it big might i add.

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