Techonology and Communication

Over time techonogy has evolved to make communication easier among people. My goal for the future has yet to be decided. One day I’m set on becoming a lawyer, but the next I want to be a psychatrist. I’m not sure which career path I will take because I want to do so much and I know I have the potential to be all that I can be.

I want to own a hair salon because I want everyone to feel and look pretty. I want to be a lawyer to defend innocent people. I want to be a psychiatrist to help people with their problems. I want to do so many things, anything that helps someone else I’m up for it.

I might be dreaming too much, but you have to have a little faith in order to reach your goals. In  the summer I’ve decided I’m going to get my real estate license and my license to do hair. I want to have the most knowlegde in everything because if one thing doesn’t work out, another will.

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