How would i get my monster up and running(Zy’iara)

Hmmm….. How would i get my monster running

Well since my two favorite food are Soul Food and Chinese I wonder which on would get my Alter Ego the energy to be extra mean and rude?

I really think Chinese Food would be best because they don’t use as much grease/oil and starch as when you make Soul Food.

Well….I tested it out they both got her running, but Chinese Food made her sleepy and so she would be running for about an hour before she shut back down, and when i would need her before that hour ended she wasnt as mean and rude she was to more of a nice sleepy level. But if i needed her after she was nowhere to be found. Now when i gave her Soul Food she was a running tornado she was so energized which made her even more meaner and rude. She’d beat me to even having to call her when i needed her, she was always there. She slept but only when i slept but when i was up we’d eat and she’d be alert more then i will be.

So now that i’ve done SOOOOOOO much work, i found out that my hypothesis was incorrect and that Soul Food got Zy’iara up and running. 

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