My killa whale “Joey”

I found him when he was just a baby Joey had heart problems he wasent very big and it was hard for him to breath he wasent just a regular kid i knew it sinces i saw him next to the Sea he was small and looked like a child that need it to take care of i took him into my house all the way on the deep sea i lived in a house surround it of water and there wasent much to do or go i disided to live there because that way nobody would judge me and i liked that. As the days went by hes heart problem kept getting worse i knew that with my inteligence i could fix him but i didnt have another heart or someone to go get it from sinces i only would go to the city ones a month with the boat that would pass by my house every month i knew he wasent going to make it all that time. That night it was a cold night i walked outside of my house were i could see the stars an orca aprouch me and with me not understanding why he got on the piece of land of my little house and this idea pop into my head maybe i could take the heart from this orca and put it on Joey so he can be alright and he would be fine and i did the orca gave me his heart and 3 days later i tried want i was expecting to work it took alot of hard work and alot of preparation. While i was working on him which was a real challenge because he was just a little kid about the age of 2-3 years old he didnt speak yet and bearly can stand on his own I had a lot of love for Joey even though he was just a kid i found i tought he was one of the awesomes kids ever and i was scared i could hurt him. I worked on him all night i tought he was not going to survive the surgery but he did after twelve hours of hard work i did it and he was on rest i felt happy i felt like i had created a new life, a new…. MONSTER. a month pased by so quick and he was fine i saw a lot of progress with him he could walk and almost run around the house i tried to teach him how to talk and say stuff but i couldnt do it something was wrong i knew it he tried saying things but i only heard weird souds like noises you hear on the sea. As another year passed by he started to change he didnt feel confortable breathing regular air he felt most confortable on the water he would go swim and he was only 3 years old he would go swin around the sea like he was just a regular fish. Things kept happening he would not eat at the house anymore it looked like he was evolving into a new creature. They years went by and he kept changing i didnt mind because well i lived far away from civization so it was okay for him to do that stuff. When he hit 16 he left the house he wasent a kid anymore not even a human he was a MONSTER. i did not mind when he left because i raised him good and i always trusted him with everything so he went to the coast of Australia. Later on that day he came back with a medal that said that he had done something  heroic thing and thats how he became famous i had to make a lot of advertesing to get people to accept him and that i could control him and people liked it people belived on us they tought maybe we could save the country sometimes with people that wernet so good he was never  a hero he was a MONSTER.

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