I would use Attention Economy to make Monster famous. I would make it a Facebool account and add everyone as a friend. I would post what Monster is doing and what it does in society. Moster is big, blue, has a scary bloody face, big eyes and claws. I would have comercials on Tv describing Monster and how it works. Also have comercials of action figures of Monster and birthday supplies, cups, clothes, toys, even snacks, etc.. Monster makes GRRRR sounds and innocent cat sounds. I would also show Monster in magazines. There is going to be pictures and information about Monster on the magazines. One of the pictures is going to be Monster saving cats from trees because that is what Monster does. Another picture is going to be Monster eating english teachers, puppies, and brocoli because thats what it eats to survive. Thats how I would make Monster famous by using Attention Economy.

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