Prom 11′ 4/14/11

A senior prom for twenty students or less. At Lanier High School the word has been that there are pretty high standards set to be able to go to this year’s senior prom. With there being “five” students eligible for this years prom, my question is will there be a prom.

To be able to go to this year’s prom you have to have 90% attendance and you must be passing all of your classes. Well take Justin for example passes all of his classes, great athlete, but doesn’t meet the criteria of 90% attendance. He is being held back for that. That’s just crazy.

In my opinion the criteria that was set up by the administration and prom committee of Lanier is pretty ridiculous. If the administrators haven’t noticed what school we are at they should look again. Students here don’t go to class and we don’t really have money, so why make it harder on us when we already have to spend all of this money to be able to go anyway.

I understand that the administration’s plan is that they want to have us ready with our attendance and grades but that. I don’t believe in “black mail it’s all for our own good but what happened to us being “Young Adults?” Prom is supposed to be fun and memorable for you not boring because if you’re the only one out of your group of friends at prom you’re not going to have much fun.

Although this is a good look in their eyes, if they do have the prom and no one is able to go it will be a waist of time and even more a waste of money.

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