Today was eventful.  I attended the meeting at FGSquared with Carl, Cornell, the proteges and the mentors.  Dr. Darwin of UT Austin shared with us tips on how to effectively mentor our students. His advice deeply resonated with me. It is important to know what we stand for and then to take action on what really matters to us. My mind flooded with thoughts and new resolutions. I love being mentally stimulated!

Then at 6 pm, Carl, the proteges and I met at the Santa Rita Community Center for our weekly High School It Could Be session. We had five interesting, amazing, smart students show up- Kiara, Dominique, Kia, Francisco and Octave. (We missed you Nereyda!)  Carl went over the mission of the program and then we led them into their first Mash-Up using the scientific method to explore their individual interests. Many great ideas sprung from brainstorming together. Needless to say, I am looking forward to Saturday when we will get to perfect each Mash Up before final evaluation.

I left inspired today. Thanks for the inspiration Kia, Kiara, Dominique, Octave and Francisco!




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