My first big day

My fist day was fun and  I had a great time working in my group and talking to everyone here . Its a great camp to be a part of  this  week I really loved it, some of the things we did was talk about what we was doing , how the hole week would look like ,we talk about what we do ,what we like, and ect. we had a great meal and am glad they feed us because most camps don’t get the food we got and I really like the food they had brought us .The place we are at is clean and the camp is very organize .The people that work with the us the kids of the camp is fun and understanding also easy to get Alon with .The are nice ,cool,and all of them is smart and they all have a seances of hummer .the kids that are here are nice and we are almost around the   same age so easy to talk to we don’t fight ,we don’t argue we all just get alone and the came is peaceful and you always have something to do .the came is very helpful and it gives you something to do and on top of everything its fun i would love to come back next year

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