My Passion for Writing

Ashlee Wilson

March 6, 2012

Giving the facts, expressing deep emotion, a way out of a barrier-I’ve always found writing to be interesting and helpful when I was in a time of need. When I graduate high school and move on to college, I want to become a journalist. Honestly, I want to do anything that has to do with writing pieces of literature, some short but some very long. I don’t know how I got started but I knew every since I was a little girl I needed to express myself through writing to make it through my trials. I started off writing songs because back then I wanted to be a singer and song writer but of course many people have dreams when they are younger that develop and change along the way.

Although I still sing every day, I do not want to be a singer. When I was in elementary school I began to write poetry, the basic, “roses are red, violets are blue” and so on. It wasn’t until middle school that I began to experience and struggle through life which made my writing more powerful. I would always tie my poetry into what I was going through or exactly what I was feeling at the time. Most of my poems were emotional and filled with sorrow because that’s what I felt at the time.

When I came to Eastside Memorial my life began to change and my maturity level became stronger, +that meant it was time to base my ideas on more of the better things in life. I started to write about love and what love meant to me. I started to write about the upside of life and how you could transform when you experience painful things and turn them into positives. Everything I ever wrote I kept in a 2 inch binder along with my cartoon drawings but when I was a sophomore I lost the binder and I fell off track. I stopped writing for a while but in a way I guess I was still writing because when I was bored in class I’d write things that were bothering me and turn my thoughts into poetry.

Entering my junior year of high school, I started taking beginners journalism with Mr. Richard Campanaro. I thought the class would be a piece of cake and for the most part it was but he has taught me a lot and my writing has greatly improved. We don’t write poetry in journalism but we do write news articles and practice essays. I have to admit, I thought writing about news would be boring but in reality, when you find something you really enjoy, that you can receive other people’s opinions about and stick with, writing news can be very interesting.

I am still in the journalism course, at the top of the class and I appreciate literature and news so much more now. I want to write about the facts of life and society, I want to write about what I feel and try to relate to another boy or girl that may share the same problems or dreams as I have. I want to write just because it makes me happy. When I graduate and move on to college, I want to be a writer, any kind of writer.

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  • jacquelinedenisejackson March 9, 2012  

    I loved your essay. You’re a wonderful student. I’m glad I have you as the captain of the Glamour Girls. Always strive for greatness.

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