writing sample 3-timed writing

This assignment was for our class to free right for a certain amount of time about anything and I wrote about my dad.

Ashlee Wilson
Journalism 1 1st period

James Wilson, a man of potential, talent and strong ideas, at a young age was sent to prison. Michelle always wondered, “What possessed my father to do what he did to end up in prison?” Of course Michelle thought he was just selling drugs but soon enough she found out he was a user of them too. James Wilson’s mother, Patricia, was also a previous user of drugs and she spent time in jail as well. Why would a mother choose drugs and a fast life over her own son? That is a question Michelle couldn’t seem to answer at that point and time. Michelle was too young to remember whether or not her father was around when we she was a child. Her mother, Michonn, was alone almost every night, James being nowhere to be found, doing things he knew he shouldn’t have been doing in the place of being home taking care of his children; Michelle and Lashawn and his wife Michonn. As a child in the place of Michelle’s father, her grandmother Selma Marion took the role of a second mother and father as well as a grandmother in Michelle’s life. Never realizing how hurt she really was, as Michelle grew up she never realized how scarred she really was. Her father not being around made her mind worry; why wasn’t her father around? Why didn’t her want her? Why wouldn’t he answer any of her calls? So many questions but never a point in time to be able to ask him until Michelle was almost a teenager in the 5th grade. When Michelle found out her father was out of prison, she couldn’t help but be happy and anxious because she wanted to see her father. In the back of her mind there was still confusion and a little bit of fear. Pulling up to a small home in Houston, Tx, Michelle sat in the car nervous but excited about seeing her father. Time passed by and a man walked up on the side of the car. Michelle picked her head up as her mother said, “Yall get out the car”. Michelle figured that her father was more than excited to see her and Lashawn. He squeezed them tight and held on for a while.

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