My paper is going to be about what I want to be when I graduate from high school. After I graduate I want to become a beautician because I love to do hair and I love to make feel good about themselves. I have done my mother’s hair. She always throw her hair up in a pony tail and one day I was like mommy come sit here and let me do something to your hair. So I put a perm on her hair and styled it for her, and after I got done she was like “girl thank you, I even feel better”.
Another reason I want to become a beautician is because it is independent and it is something that never dies people are always going to need their hair done, but at the same time when something goes wrong you can’t blame anybody but yourself. You chose your own hours and you don’t have to wait on anyone to tell you when and when not to come in for work, you don’t have a time sheet or anything to worry about. After you do one head you get paid cash money there aren’t any taxes or anything taking out on the money you make. If your bills go up you have the choice to raise your prices. This is also a good chance for you to work from home and you don’t have put up with anything you don’t want to.
These are all reasons I want to become a beautician, and I believe that if you are the type of person that likes to work on your own then this is something to consider.

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