Many times in my two years of being in high school I’ve been asked “What do you want to do after college?” My answer has always been a Civil Engineer. When I tell people what I want to be I get a lot of funny faces and some people are even curious enough to ask “What is that?”
When the thought of being an engineer came to me, I thought, “What exactly do they do?” Never in a million years did I think of being an engineer until the summer that I went to an engineering program called AusPrEP. AusPrEP was held by the Huston-Tillotson University campus. There they teach you the things that you need to become an engineer such as: technical writing, physics, logic & reasoning, and more. They also take you to places where engineers work.
I take an interest in Civil Engineering because I like designing things, sometimes the most creative things come to mind. Things that can benefit the environment and others are things that I try to think of. I help my dad build and fix things around the house. I feel that in order to be an engineer you should be curious, analytical, and detail oriented, things in which I feel I have.
In Civil Engineering I would like to go as far as it will take me. I hope it would take me to places where I can help better peoples’ lives. I have met engineers that are successful and they inspired me to become one. I also hope that my career would help me inspire kids and tell them how they can become someone like me or any other successful person as well.
Many times people have asked “What do you want to do after college.” My response has and I feel always will be a Civil Engineer. When I tell people that I get a lot of funny faces and people ask “What is that?” My answer is a designer for buildings.

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