It could be you Day 2

Day 2! Today we had some guest speakers who gave their life stories and shared knowledge and experiences in the Media field. It was very inspiring not only to hear about their struggles and triumphs in the field, but to hear that they were able to do a lot of it here in Austin. I always knew Austin was a great place for Media, but it is so encouraging to hear the close to home stories about the field. Afterwards we FINALLY got out of the sauna Media branch and moved into a nice cool english room to play a quick game. I really enjoyed the game because I got to work with more of the people I didn’t really get to know, and it helped us all work in and out of our comfort zones to see what we can pull together. I think everyone is this program has a lot of great ideas to bring forward, and the activity really helped capture some of the unique personalities and creative minds that are in a lot of us at the academy. It was a really cool day.

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