What I Am Learning As I Go Along

     Yesterday June 11th was a great day of work.

I learned that we all share and are connected in a way that deals with our ideas about different types of health issues.We did 2 activities that involved our groups having to work together and in order to accomplish the goal we all had to pitch in our ideas and while doing it we realized sometimes we have to be patient. I also learned that many different personalities and ideas will come your way and if we learn to connect socially and mentally we can accomplish many goals. We can impact the world with unity but yesterday we started with each other. I met a lot of great people.

      Today June 12th was an interesting and motivating day.

We had brilliant speakers who came in and talked to us about jobs and what it takes to be successful.

They spoke about their lives and what it took for them to get to the place that they are now. What i learned is that we have it so good now with the technology that we could do a lot more than what could be done in the past. I learned that with hard and pursuing work that we can make good money and even be our own bosses without someone over ou shoulders telling us what to do. When I was sitting and listening to what was being said I kept being reminded of the saying that we are our own “brand” that i heard from my boss, well what I got out of it is that we represent ourselves and that we are worth  what we show ourselves to be worth by our effort. We get when we give what is apart of us which is our strength to work and work hard. We did an activity in a group that involved my group and I to work on an assignment that involved us making a play commercial advertising a product that we wanted to promote. What I learned from this experience besides that we are all silly is that we have the potential and we can be great in the upcoming task in the future, but we also have a lot more to learn. 

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