Day 3

It is now the third day of my e4 youth training and already there many things I have learned that I must work on. We started off with an exercise that allowed us to show the amount patience that possess. I noticed that there were some people who kind of quickly sped through the assignment because it got as they might say “boring” but i wasn’t very far from that tree myself. Another point crossed today was the amount of influence the media has on our minds that makes us want there product. I learned that they’re are many different meanings to an advertisement, and depict more than just one meaning. Finally I learned that “cool” is always changes which helps me to realize that we must come up with new and better ideas to get consumers to buy into our “brands” which Carl so oftentimes speaks of that consist of the way we carry ourselves an the attributes that come along with each and everyone of our own ideas and talents. After today I know a lot more about the way commercials and advertisements work and will from now on put forth the effort to make sure I’m led to just one meaning but to find every aspect of the ad and conger up my own idea about the main idea of the advertisement.         

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  • jonathanmahone June 14, 2012  

    Interesting.  Keep digging.  

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