E4 youth Day 3

The third day has been quite the interesting one: We had Kelly Krause, the Publisist of Austin’s own South by Southwest. She explained the inmportance of keeping realtions with every person you meet in any job or situation. Krause also told us to try everything for in the end it will help you in your choice of job, much like earlier speakers, much like other speakers as well she told us about how one should nevee cut ties with old jobes because it eans you can communicate tho those of that feild or rely on those connections in times of need. On another note; we have learned of the prosses of witch companies and other go through to get on the “Pannel” of people or speakers for the by southwest music, film and comunication conffrence . Allover i would say she had some usefull information, the bit about the south by southwest festival interested me very much.

I now feel I should actually attend the next south by southwest; as opposed to simpley being anoyed at the traffic, who knows, they might have music and topics I like, such as:

  • techno
  • computer parts and efficency
  • economical energy
  • new scripting languages

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