Best day so far: We had pizza!

I woke up this morning to an amazing email,$20 in my left shoe and, a nice breakfast to say the least. When I arrived at the academy we jumped in to talking about ways to break into 3 groups. It came down to 3 departments: writers/music, arts/design, and film&storytellling. I must say, once these departments were established, every one jumped in! The room was filled with great ideas that were endless. Although we all jumped in and brainstormed some were confused an felt out of place. This is why I believe it’s important for my peers to not only break out of there comfort zone but also this learning box that many teens put themselves in. For some, they just limit themselves to one skill and this is how we cheat ourselves. For example I’ve been rapping for a nice amount of time now, that comes natural but what’s my good if I can’t make a beat to rap on? Sure you say, “you can just buy them” yea yea yea you get my point though. I believe we shouldn’t limit ourselves, so I chose to jump in the film department. My group is of the strongest. One of the biggest things that was important to us was making we didn’t get to far off of what we were aiming at, E4 Youth We taking media back! Oh yea, AND WE HAD PIZZA!

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