E4 Youth: DAY FIVE

Today we split into groups based on intrest, I do not fit into any of the normal groups; as such i found i could fit in with a video team the most though and so i am working with others on a videop that is supposed to represent how the youth in the E4 youth program are going to take over the media industry. the group i am in is based on an idea that if everyone broke into pairs of their own intrest and then asked to form larger groups by statreing what they are and who they are ether lookming for to help them or that they are avalable to help others. This group activity is definately makeing me remember when I used to make Runescape player videos abouty random things, usually comic acts. indeed it feel sort of odd working with others as i have not in a while. The reasion for my inablility to talk to others is probaly because i don’t have the same interests as them and i have not tried to work in a group in a while. Everything in the group seems to going smothly I expect to start the shooting on monday or saturday.

“My name is P. Cupcake! I will eat ye…”


just so the comunity knows, i use “<“”hr””>”to make the lines like the one bellow, just romove the “s, i had to use those to stop it frome exicuteing.

the physical project

the meaning is this: KIDS ARE TAKING OVER THE MEDIA, they are going to run the media instead of be the subject the media influences, they become the influencers.

The project will be a short movie-trailer-style video where kids are shown takeing a physical object that will be labled as “media” the rolls of each individual is as following:

  • Nijlaon Dunn: story board creator, co-director, idea generator
  • Selana: Director, filmveditor, idea generator and film shooter;
  • Michael Salazar: actror, ideas¬† and film editor;
  • Jeremiah williams: actor, music director and film editor;
  • The target audience is mostly Teenagers ands yong adults: 13-35;

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