It could be you Day 5

Today we finalized our group arrangements, and ended up doing groups based on interest. While it was a little rough at first, our Art/Design group has really pulled together and gotten our heads around a good idea. We already have our focus picture and have begun the editing of it so we can start changing it and morphing it to be more about E4U and the ICBU academy. I am really excited about our group and putting together everyone’s contributions to make the final project. I also am really glad we all have an image and idea we could settle on and work together to develop, because I figured out that if you can’t have everyone agreeing it just ends with a lot of frustration.
I am also really glad we all are happy with the product, because more then everything I want my coworkers to be happy and feel like they are getting their turn to express themselves. I don’t want anyone to feel unheard and I feel like at first there was a lot of that feeling going around in the group, both from me and from others. But after a while I think we all eased into the group and got used to each other and the work we were planning, helping us all communicate better. I am just so happy our group is happy with the product and I hope everyone else is as excited as I am.

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