It could be you day 7

Today we had a pretty cool speaker who talked about her job with health and community. She was very passionate about her work and her path to getting her job, which was inspirational and encouraging for those of us who are trying to get into a job we are passionate about. She also helped to encourage us to not give up and to keep working for what we loved. I liked her support and information about how influential we could be in the health world. Though it may seem like there is a lot we are fighting, there is also a lot of power we hold in the media business.
After that we got to work on our projects again, getting even closer to finally finishing. We are so close , so I am really excited to see it all come together. There were some parts of the project we had difficulty getting just right, but with help from each other and our supervisors I think we have a really great project design for the showcase. Tomorrow we will wrap it up by putting all the character illustrations into the photo, and making sure all the editing is smooth. Overall, it was a productive and fun day as usual.

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