E4 Youth 9th Day

ICBU Day 9

Today we are learning about secondary research. Just before we learned about this secondary research we found out a few things about the marketing strategies and behaviors of America and how it targets the American Youth. Evidently America spends more money than most countries make on marketing alone, the idea of marketing to the younger groups means that a moral or brand may be instilled that that person’s daily life and therefore guarantee that that person will always use a particular brand. The basic other event was that the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, passed a law so that the government could do no regulation whatsoever on advertising aimed at children. I found out that at some point in time the television stations actually had a cutoff time, when the stations would stop broadcasting. The main point I got from the morning activities is that kids may just be marketed to more than necessary; the research had been placed in an order so as to make the issue seem urgent, therefore the research itself may be a form of advertisement.

Drew came in dressed as the kool-aid man, grape flavor.

After the first research paper reading, each person gave a bit of a feedback about the group. I voted/asked for the E4 youth mentors to talk about the physiological side of advertising

Guest Speaker Event

yes i am using this as notes as well;

  • Name: Stephen
  • Stephen works at Setion Hospital
  • I learned during Stephen’s speech that some Cultural Groups have different BMI averages and weight loss rates (brought up by a mentor); just about all of what he was saying I already knew from my Health Science Classes or my HOSA events. However I did learn that sodas may not explicitly affect obesity, but it does make one want to eat, which does affect obesity. Food addictions, this man made them seem much worse than I have seen it before; think everyone I know has one.Such a Konspicuous Konsumption. Education is still the best way to fix everything, it seems. I did indeed learn that using my blender to make fruit drinks instead of my juicer is a more healthy choice, mainly because of the skin being kept in the apples, more fiber is left in.

The Activity

I was unable to get very far into the activities today for I had to leave rather early to get to a class. However I was able to read the handout paper, And found out it was an introduction to a new project we are to do research on any topic of healthy lifestyle we want, I personally would like to make a weight- control app for most smartphones that utilizes the gyroscope in every smart phone. this paper is just an outline for what times certain parts of the project are to be done; so it most likely will not stay the same.

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