It could be you Day 8

Today we presented our projects today! I was so impressed by what everyone had to show today, all the products were well done for the time and resources we were given. There were several part of the projects I liked and others I thought could be improved, but overall I see a lot of good products and good work circulating in this group. 

I thought a lot about the comments our group was given about our products, and have really focused in on how our group can improve for the next project ( if we have the same group ). I feel like the comments on how we can improve help even more then the comments about how it was good, because it made me think more about the real world and how real clients could respond and want changes. It just makes you think of what more you really could do, and how much better we could have made things- but at the same time realize we had done our best with our time restraints. 

I am glad our team was recognized for it’s teamwork. It was something that I was happy about while working on the project, the fact that we only had that one scuffle at the beginning and then moved on past our personal prides to work for the group. I think it is really important to have a fluid team dynamic, where everyone can mix and flow together to a common goal or idea. 

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