It could be you Day 9

I really liked our presenter today. He was not only informative in a media aspect, but in a healthy lifestyle aspect as well.  We could ask him about our roles as media’s youth, but we could also ask him about health itself and facts about what we are working against. He also showed off a cool dell tablet thing that he uses to help promote healthy lifestyles, which was interesting and made me want one just so I can make all the awesome healthy recipes it had on it. 
I am also glad we are deciding on set groups and getting a final schedule for the next 12 days. I have felt the whimsy that has been floating around these first few weeks, and while it was interesting to not know what is next, I am much happier to have a specific goal and timeline. I am also excited to get to work with a concrete group. Though we aren’t certain yet, I am sure whoever I end up with will be a great team, since there are plenty of great kids in this program.

I am also really excited about the research we are doing! I love looking into things like this and learning more about the topic we will be working with. Health has always been a topic I am less aware of just because I never really liked science or had a huge health environment forced on me, so I am happy to learn more about it. 

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