It could be you Day 10

Well, all we really did today was talk about our next big project and wrap up the research we gathered in our different groups. It was a pretty easy day otherwise, we watched the rest of episode 3 of The Weight of A Nation and talked about it a bit. We all wrote down facts about what we learned from the video, and it was pretty hard isolating it down to five. There is so much into the issues of obesity that I feel I won’t ever really know everything about it. I am glad to be here for that reason, though, because it encourages me to keep learning and growing even if I know I can’t ever be fully right and know it all. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am looking forward to buckling down and getting hard to work next week on our master project, and I can’t wait to see what we all make together. 

Ps. I love the department/big group idea. I think it not only helps all of us work together, but work comfortably and with a bit of content that others are here to support us.

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