Day 11 of the E4

E4 Youth, 11th Day.

Today I finished a sample website for the project our group is to be doing for the battle against childhood obesity. It I more like a template than a sample website in the factor that while it may have the basic setup and links as a website, they currently have no context; it is rather wordless for there is nothing to be put into it.

The activity

During research we found a way to refine/ reduce the amount of words it takes to convey a message / fact; I believe this to be helpful in multiple ways, for more efficient note taking and for advertising, because people have rather short attention spans these days. I learned that the AMA (American Medical Association) is the organization that creates the set of official recommendations for reducing childhood obesity.

During the presenting of the information I gathered:

  • Teen seem to always use mobile devices or the internet to communicate to each other.
  • This use of the internet is one of the main reasons that they are very susceptible to advertising.
  • Teens want to fit in and find their niche and therefore like o ether stand pout or fit in with a certain group.
  • genetics play a huge role in childhood obesity.
  • there are programs for preventing childhood obesity
  • drugs have a tendency to increase the chance of obesity
  • the freedom of time, while alone / without support, causes the chance of practice of risky behaviors to go up
  • Those who are more isolated from their peers have a higher chance of becoming obese
  • I pulled the same information from ALL groups; teens are attempting to fit in with the masses so they are not “left alone” This is why advertising works and choices are affected. In many ways this fact makes me feel depressed, as to the idea that teens seem to be unable to think for themselves and be ok with having their own niche that is unique. those who do learn on their own do not do the proper research on their own to make “right” choices, I think this could be a result of not enough promotion to lean on ones own with research and a lack of truely objective informational documents.
  • the mentors created this statement on the research: when teens lack positive family and friend support, they are more likely to engage in unhealthy activities

as the day went on we went through a long proscess to create a slogan of types; I found out I might not be fit for advertiseing, for my elongated time on the internet seems to have made me too detached from the mass society to think in a way where I can influence them effectively.I can research the mass and lern how to speak to them again.

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