It could be you Day 12

Today we got to work making icons and models for the website, as well as getting some ideas for banners and buttons going. It was nice to sit and draw for a while, because it really felt like I hadn’t gotten to draw in a long time. It was kind of hard to draw a lot at first, but we all worked together and made some really great designs to work on and use. 

It was nice to get to work on a focused job, too. As a team we all really work well to tackle problems, so once we were told what was needed we all went into the zone. I just hope no one confuses our focus for hard feelings or anything- I feel like as artists we are all a bit unresponsive and get to work rather quickly, but none of us are hurt at all by having designs shot down. It’s all apart of the process! And the more specific it gets the easier it is to get the design just right. 

I am just hoping the other teams are working and smoothly as us… Sometimes I can see problems and people who don’t really care or want to work, which bothers me because I am so serious about this project and getting a job. But maybe it is just a slow start! I am sure once everyone else gets deep into work they will have no choice but to be all for this project!

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