Day 13 & 14

I have combined these days because they both encompassed the same subjects; this was done on purpose.

The Pre-Production

DAY 13; the group created three distinct scripts and shot-lists for 3 individual commercials to be used in the website “ActivATE” the three commercials are to be centered around several activities, one is being bad at sports, another is excuses for not exercising, and the last one is a blog about the website in general. The amount of time we will have to record is surprisingly short, for the head member of the film group is leaving for a summer camp. Towards the end of the day the Film Group got VERY unfocused and distracted; so the focus shifted to the artistic and design group, where they created a symbol/ app icon for the website.

DAY 14: production part 1

The day started rather unproductive because we were missing two members; we got plans for shooting one of the commercials today. we got the scripts printed out so we can start practicing and shooting some of the commercial parts. One of the commercials we printed is the list of excuses as to what teens say when asked why they did not exercise that particular day; the script was designed to include all of the main themes for the product that all of E4 youth participants came up with. Eventually we started to write down the locations where the Excuses video would be shot:

  • Possibility: the Tiger mart across the street
  • Possibility: Shopping center by Reagan ECHS.
  • Possibility: Reagan ECHS courtyard
  • Possibility: In Selena’s House

DAY 14: the mini-videos

It was suggested in the time we were waiting for the other video and Film members that we were to make 30-second mini-videos that where instruction videos on exercises one could do in pairs. The exercises we decided to film where(some of the exercises we are making up):

  • ??? two [people pushing against each other while trying to remain standing, more¬† of a balance thing.

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