It could be you Day 13

We got hard to work today starting on banners and the “app icon” for the activeATE campaign. I feel like our team is really making a lot of progress as far as tackling this project and getting right into it. The other teams seem to be doing well getting things together, and hopefully everyone will start recording and filming tomorrow. We have such a short amount of time I am worried that if anyone is slacking off we won’t get things done… we have a lot to do in just about 8 days. And while I enjoy that we get time off next week, it also scares me we are going to be gone right in the middle of the big project. But then again, now that Mark shared his photoshop, we could work together with the rest of the team to put things together on our days off. I am cheering everyone on, including myself, to keep up the hard work and get things done for this site! And I really hope all of our talents are able to be expressed and accepted as quality by the client in the end.

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