It could be you Day 14

Today we got right back to work and managed to get three banners draw up and ready for editting. We also have a finished logo and we are starting on poster/backdrop designs for the website. I feel like we got a lot done, and since we all agreed to keep the work up tomorrow and over the weekend I think we are going to get a really good hold on everything we need for the website. The only problem is, we have no content yet, so as far as overall design for the website there isn’t much more we can do. But we are getting all the pieces made so I am sure that we will be able to get everything in place once we decide on a final website layout. 

I am really liking everyones work so far, though I feel so bad for the video team who seems to really get the shaft as far as people showing up… It just isn’t very far that the music team has all these people doing a verse a day, and we have all our artists hard at work, yet they have to wait and stall production because people can’t be here… But knowing Selena, they will manage. She is an amazing worker and film maker so I know she will get things done right one way or another. 

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