It could be you Day 16

We were at a cool new location today! I really liked the Out Youth facility, it was very relaxed and welcoming. We did have a lot of issues with the internet, which slowed our team’s ability to work, but I still really enjoyed it. I guess the LGBT friendly environment relaxed me a bit.

As previously stated, we had a slow day today as far as working. I feel like our team really gets the short end of the stick, where we have the most over all work for the website as far as making it and designing it, but are given none of the tools or product we need to put into the website. We are doing the best we can to make the website, and we even got a cool new account on a website construction tool we are using, but it still feels like we are asked so much that we just can’t do without the other group’s work. I am kind of worried for the other groups, since the video team hasn’t had a team for a long time and even then they never kept the full team for more then a day. The music team seems to know what to do, but they are kind of stalling about getting it done. I am just scared the other groups might be planning a little poorly, and that it will be their downfall in the end.
I will just keeping hoping for the best, I suppose. Luckily, our department doesn’t have a lot of hard work left since we have been making things constantly through out the project. I am so glad to see everything start coming together!

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