It could be you Day 17

The last day working face to face with everyone for this week! I am getting more and more nervous as the days wind down from this point on. Today we took tons of pictures we are going to use for the website, and we started putting everything together so we can plug it into the site. 
Our team is so close to being finished that it scares me to see groups like the music department and the film department that haven’t had any group time in forever, and are having to put things off until just a few days before the pitch party. I am really hoping everyone can get something done for the website, because if not everyone will suffer with the lack of content to show at the pitch. It is stressful yet relieving to think of our work load compared to others. Then again, the graphics department has had more of the tools and ability to create things as we go. The music team doesn’t exactly have a recording studio and the film team hasn’t had their equipment or people since we started the main project. 

I guess in the end all I can do is believe in their decisions and hope they will get done. Everyone is working hard today, even with so many people gone, so it’s not like we are wasting time. Just one more week left! Let’s go ActivATE!

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