It could be you Day 18

We got a lot done today, thank god. It feels so good to have it all coming together finally. We have the fonts picked out, the color pallet all situated, and we worked the site down to three major pages we want to show off. Soon we will have the videos and music and everything will be done! Just a few more days until the presentation, but right now I feel really good about it. It may not be everything we originally thought, but personally I think it looks great. 
Me and Markers were told we would be presenting at the pitch party for the whole project. I am really honored to be asked to do something so important, and I am really glad me and Mark are getting to work together on this, instead of one of us working alone. Presenting is scary enough, but having to do it all on your own would be torture, and I feel like our team inspired campaign should involve a bit of that togetherness aspect, even in the presentation. I hope we are able to present the final product with justice… I will give it my all until the very end!
3 days to go; let’s get rockin’. 

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