It could be you Day 19

Well the website is almost done now. We just have little things here and there to fix or add, most of it being the other groups content or a banner here or there. The site is pretty much done, but I am still nervous about the presentation. Maybe it is because I don’t feel well today, but the more I look at the website and the more I think about the pitch coming up the more nervous I get. I don’t know why I am freaking out so much, because I know the site will be okay and it is turning out fun, and I am sure that all our content is good… I guess it just freaks me out to imagine Dell Children’s just hating it. I have put so much hard work into overall design and construction for this website, I would hate to see all the hard work and research go to waste. But I am probably just overreacting. 
I really did not feel good today at all. I think I might have some sort of cold or some stomach bug because I was dying. And having no AC did not help at all. Not only did it make me feel worse, but it put everyone else on edge too, even Mark. I just hope tomorrow is smoother… I don’t want another rocky day like today.

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