It could be you Day 20

I finally have the website done. I am so grateful to everyone who has helped, except Drew who was a butt and didn’t come today when it was the MOST IMPORTANT DAY. I HOPE YOU READ THIS DREW: YOU ARE A BIG JERK.

But seriously you don’t know how happy I am to at least have everything there. This week has been crazy and I swear I have been staring at that website so long each day I could draw it with my eyes closed. Yet, I am really happy to have been working on this site and with this group. It was great working with the graphics teams, as well as the other teams, to create such a great final project. I would have never imagined when this project started that it would end with such a cool website and such great music and videos to go with it. Even if Dell doesn’t love this campaign I know that I really do and I could stand behind ActivATE even if Dell Children’s chooses not to. 
Okay probably not my best blog, but I am really frazzled and tired, honestly. Not been a good week for health and sleep but this work and the people I get to work with everyday have kept me going. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here and with all the great mentors and other kids. Thank you so much everyone! I hope you like what I and the graphics team have put together!

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