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I was born in Marietta, Georgia-the one in the US-the proud peach state. I’m fifteen years old and I’m in tenth grade, a sophomore. I have a pretty small immediate family whom consist of my mother, my stepfather, my sister and my ninja puppy (she really is a ninja). About me: I’m pretty crazy, book smart, am a complete nerd, and I can be a clean freak. As a nerd some of my most favorite things are books and learning! I love to write and create stories about different worlds, I love to read everything and anything, and I love to eat Twizzlers-the official food of me. My favorite music genre is classical, I like rap from the eighties and nineties, pop and mostly everything-I just can really listen to hardcore rap because it gets on my nerves. My hobbies consist of reading for fun, creative writing contest, drawing really terribly, watching people play video games and riding my bike. My aspirations for the future are to publish one of my books and for it to become successful; my goal is to have over ten thousand people read what I’ve written, to go to college and be successful and major in English or World History AP, because I strangely find that I love the complicated text and stripping of details to get to the bare fact. Wow, I am really a strange nerd, but I digress from the subject of such a self-explanatory project as this. A few strange and fun facts about myself could be…two years ago I owned only about four pairs of shoes, I’ve actually read the dictionary before only to b though, and I like Korean pop artist-SHInee.

Those are the collaboration of random and strange facts that have combined and made me a complicated nerd.

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  • emilysaavedra1 September 7, 2012  

    what kind of stories do you like to write?

  • melissaporch September 18, 2012  

    I love the way you described yourself. Twizzlers, as an official food is very interesting …

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