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Zeshan Amin


I was born in New York in 1998. I am in 9th grade at fourteen years old going to conally high school.  I have a mother and a father also my older brother.  They are all pretty cool in there own way but annoying too.  We went to Florida this summer, because we had family that was coming to the United States. I had not seen them since I was 10 because of money problems.  We had a lot of fun at Florida, because we went to Disney land. Everyone went on different rides and my mom didn’t do much but talk since she’s afraid of rides. Then we had to leave because we were only there for a week. My favorite things to do are playing video games, playing with friends or on the computer. Things that I just love to do are playing with my dog. My dog is just flat out awesome. He just makes me feel calm and makes me smile. My hobbies are either playing video games or playing with friends. I love listening to music, but my favorite kind of music is rock music. Not death metal I like that kind of soft rock but also hard rock. I’m a pretty fun dude to be around but I am a shy person. I try my best to make friends but I have a tuff time because of my shyness.  Even with all this somehow I make friends but that’s usually when they talk to me first. I can be funny, weird, crazy but that’s only when people know me. I am usually quiet around a large amount of people because I don’t want to cause a scene or anything like that. I just love being me and if people cant accept it then well they just have to deal with it.  

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  • emilysaavedra1 September 7, 2012  

    thats pretty cool that you went to Florida this summer and i hope we are able to see the real you this year in journalism. 🙂

  • melissaporch September 18, 2012  

    That is really interesting that you went to Florida. Did your mom ever get over her fear of roller coasters?

    Make sure you proofread your stories for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

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