Taylor Burden

     Good day to you people of the Earth. My name is Taylor Burden. I am a 17 year old
young man. I attend John B. Connally High as a senior. I can’t wait till I graduate!
Although I live in Austin, Texas I am not from here. I was born in Shreveport,
Louisiana. I moved to Austin to be raised by my father and to explore the many
different opportunities that Austin provides. I must say that I love the city and
everything about it expect for a good percentage of the people. I am the oldest
of 5 including myself. I love my family. I am a hard worker. I am addicted to
success. I like working and making money. If there’s an opportunity to make
money I will take it without hesitation but I am far from greedy. Money isn’t
everything in my opinion, but it does hold value. I love movies. I go to the
theaters all the time to watch new releases and if I really like the movie then
I will go see it again. I also stay home and have movie nights on my LCD
television and Blu-Ray player. Movies are my stress reliever. My favorite movie
at the moment is The Dark Knight Rises. I also like comics and heroes. My
favorite heroes are Batman and Spiderman. I don’t really like watching television
but when I do I watch my favorite show Young Justice, an animated series based
on the comic of the same name. I am a very picker eater, but I sure can eat,
well sometimes, depending on what it is. I love pizza and fish. My favorite
color is red. As of right now I don’t participate in any sports. I ran track
from 7th to 10th grade. I didn’t run track my junior year
for personal reasons, but I am deciding on if I want to run for my last year in
high school. I am having mixed emotions on my decision. I like learning.

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