Elizabeth Chavez


I am from Round Rock, Texas. I am 16 years old but on September 23rd I will be seventeen years old. I am in the eleventh grade. I have two brothers, my older brother is 21 and we are very close to each other, I have a younger brother who’s 12, and a younger sister who plays volleyball and also attends Connally and she is 15, and a rat dog named Godzilla. I also have a niece who is going to be four months and her name is Cecilia. I also live with my momma. I hate dogs or really any animal their just gross. I love to eat! My favorite food is Mexican food. I like to clean when I’m home. Also another thing I like to do is sleep a lot. One of the things I like to do the most is be with my family. I don’t really like going out I get irritated to easily. My favorite colors are red, black, gray and white. I’m not really a talkative person unless I know you really well. I like to listen to music at home when I’m doing almost anything.  My mom would be my biggest role model she’s the strongest woman I know, and she puts up with me so she deserves all the credit. When I graduate I want to go to school to be an ultrasound technician. Over all I’m a pretty laid back person. I just keep to myself most of the time but that’s just the way I am!




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