My birthday is July the 6th and I was born in Argentina and I’m 16 years of age in the 11th grade. I’m currently living with both my mother and father who I love most dearly. I have two sisters one brother and I also have a pet in which is a meerkat. I’m apart of our varsity football team here at john b Connally high school. I’m really cute and funny, ,my bros even call me A chick magnet. My favorite thing to do is play sports such as Football and basketball. I’m in love with chanel D. I like to listen to music , because it relaxes me.. I usually listen to R&B, rap.


I like to flirt with other girls for a hobby because its really funny. I have two goals in life 1.is to become an Nfl player and get rich. Personally I also want to be famous I really want to be known in the world, also go to a big university such as Baylor or Alabama.

            I cant wait until I graduate high school because I feel that’s when life truly begins , living on your own and depending on yourself. I have been playing football since the 7th grade and I remember my first football game I was so scared and I was on defense so I had to tackle everyone , but im now a junior and I finally now got over being nervous about football since it’s the sport I love and want to pursue in that dream. I currently have a game today and im ready to play and score alot of touchdowns since I am now a wide receiver. It only took 3 years to move too offense and now I truly love it and enjoy being a football player.

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