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My name is Alex Jaimes I am 16 years old in 11TH grade I was born in a hospital in Austin, Texas. My family consists of my sister, brother, mom, and dad.  The pets I own are a Chihuahua, a Shi Tzu dog, Dachshund, 2 American short hair cats. My personality is that I don’t talk much to people and don’t always pay attention when someone talks to me but in some occasions I get the competitive feel and try to beat anyone a whatever it is well mostly games. I play competitive games like Quake, Tekken, Super Smash bros., Pokémon and Mortal Kombat. I gone to tournaments but all those other people are to pro to beat.  The things I like to do are playing video games but that never works out since most video games I play make me rage and break my keyboard.  So I build computers spend time on the Internet and Most of the time I go to sleep.   Sometimes I make cartoons and machinimas, which is the art of using a video game to make a film for those who don’t know. The type of music I listen is random I listen to whatever is playing. My aspiration is to make films like the ones Pixar do or even work with them this started when I was a kid I wanted to make a movie like Toy Story with my toys and a cheap camera but it did not work out.  But when I learned to use computers I had these programs where I made stop motions. Then I got Adobe Photoshop Cs5 and started making animations a lot better. I also learned to draw pro on a computer and use video game engines like Valve Source Maker or something like that to make 3d animations that is my reason to having two screens on my computer one has the program while the other screen has YouTube so I could know what to do.  I also was the person who brought a horse mask in the 2011-12 year of high school.

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  • melissaporch September 18, 2012  

    Alex, I would be interested in how many keyboards you have actually broken during a year… That’s a lot of money. Also, you must be pretty good at Photoshop, so we could definitely use your expertise for the yearbook.

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