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I was born in Austin, Texas. It’s the capital of Texas, and the live music city. I’m sixteen in age, junior in grade, but I’m thirty in train of thought. I sit back and observe, first. If I like my surrounding I will be super out going. It’s TALK time to the max! I’m funny and goofy, but being on my bad side is like being out in the rain with no umbrella. People think I’m from Arkansas, Texas, Waco, Texas, and one time I was even asked if I was from Missippi because I talk country. I sound regular to me, but everybody else from Austin doesn’t agree I guess. I love to exercise my articulation by writing and theatre. I’m a great actress, I was the youngest person in varsity theatre last year. I have lots of personality, I POP y’know. Writing is so spiritual to me, it’s very meaningful. I’m poetic. it’s just one of those things that make you take a deep breath. I feel like literature has the ability to warm our hearts. When I look at Seven Pounds, the movie that stars the great Will Smith,  I think maybe I’d be good as a screen writer. The way he runs in the pouring rain, you can hear his heart pounding, His facial expression is just an open door of pain and emotion. Then the direct correlation between the to characters in the plot just amazes me…only a writer or thespian feels that way When they watch a movie or read an article.. I want to have my own talk show by my mid thirties, up until then I’ll probably do acting or some type of writer’s job. Any who, moving on…*akward silence* I love the color blue so much I wouldn’t mind being blue. My main music is R&B and rap, but I listen to country and pop sometimes too. I have three brothers and two sisters, and my mom is the BEST!

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  • melissaporch September 18, 2012  

    Kayla, I had no idea you were an actress, but you definitely have the personality to do very well. I liked your profile information, very interesting!

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