Tiffany Nguyen

Hello my name is Tiffany Nguyen! I am Vietnamese and I was born in California. I am 15 years old turning 16 on the 21st of September yay! I am a really short but I tend to find the pros to that! Is it weird to only have one dimple? Because I do. 

This year I am a sophomore attending Connally High School and a part of the CHS Step Team! My favorite band is One Direction yes I did just say that.  Music plays a huge part in my life. Some of my hobbies are singing and I absolutely love it! I also love to doodle, skate, and go bike riding.  I love to eat sushi not just because I’m Asian haha but I also love to eat Salmon, my favorite fish. My favorite candy is CHOCOLATE and my favorite animals are doggies. My favorite type of dog are Chihuahuas. My family consists of five people. I have an older sister and sadly a younger brother…kidding. I enjoy school, well it depends. I have a very cheerful, crazy and open minded personality. (;I love meeting new people but I’m sometimes shy to make friends. In my free time I love to go running! I would love to attend college but I’m not sure where yet, just somewhere away from Texas! I love making other people happy because that makes me happy! (: This may sound lame but I love hanging out with my family and I love to travel everytime I get the chance too. I plan on going into the medical field as my career. I am really into the fashion and love to shop. My favorite store that I love to shop at is Forever21. On my free time you will probably find me texting, on Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, and Twitter! Follow me though! @Piffanyandco. 

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  • julisalopez September 7, 2012  

    I think it’s cute how this sounds just like you ^.^

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