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Ugh…an entire slurry of events today. There are three things mentioned that were mentioned that I’m going to go over today.

First one: “The Chicago Teacher Strike”: Though I love a good strike, i surely wouldn’t want to be on of the frantic parents with unscheduled children on their hands. 

Chicago’s teachers are on strike due to a new evaluation system which could threaten the jobs of over six thousand teachers and are on strike since their negotiations for higher pay and health benefits. Their existing proposal asks for more pay, health benefits such as maternity leave and disability leave and shorten high school days and limit the number of classes. Though strikes are awesome-as i believe i mentioned earlier-the impact such a strike has on the educational system may be negative.

Though public elementary and middle schools might not be affected, high schools would have to increase the school year simply because of how much time has been wasted.

2nd thing: 9/11: “Where were you?” I believed in 2001 that I was only four and a half years old and so I was probably at preschool or with my mother at the time. I don’t remember anything past 2005 though.

3rd thing: “Politics for Young Adults”I think it’s important that young adults such as myself know about the presidential election because soon it will be us who votes and decides who is at the head of this country. I like knowing about the presidential elections and looking for future runners like the mayor of San Antonio.

Finally I’m done!

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