Current Events. 9.11.12.

Chicago teachers have had enough,it seems. Due to their chicago streets strike, their students don’t even have a place to go. libraries and other community organizations have been asked to help out while their parents are at work.There has been no agreement on the terms being discussed. Wages and a better school system are detrimental, considering they’re the third largest district in the United States. They need to get it together soon for the sake of their students’ education!

Today People in New York, and all around the world infact, are remembering september eleventh together. Even the president is doing his part, he just passed the ACA (Affordable Care Act). A multi million dollar fund to help finance cancer care for those who caught cancer linked to cleaning up the nine eleven disaster. They’re painting buildings, helping in their community, and remembering their loved ones. I don’t recall much of the tear wrenching attack. I was probably in a coloring book, being that i was only five or six. it’s our generations duty to carry out that story to our children though, so i will make sure i pass on the memory to my children.

In other news, the camapaigns have been a big deal, as well. Both, adults and adolecents need to give polatics some attention. you need to be aware of who you’re giving the concent to run your country. the president’s mind set will effect schools, medical care, and the economy. This country is slowly recovering from a negative economical situation, so the question seems to be if obama has had enough time and if his competetor could do better. What do you think?



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