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The Chicago teachers went on a strike about how the education systems. They feel like it should be better?! 

The teachers going on strike made a major impact on the students. Being that the teachers weren’t in school, the school board had to shut down the school. Kids who are under age had no one to watch them during the day while parents were working. It was such an inconvenience to the parents. 

All I remember about 9/11 was that my mom was talking to me about it and for about a week, she was a little paranoid to go anywhere. She was extra careful, She told me and my brother we couldn’t go anywhere out of the house for a while except school and back. I remember instead of riding the bus to school, my mom would drop me off. I remember thinking it was in downtown Austin.

I feel like it’s important to know about the elections so that way we can be aware of the candidates. Also, I feel like it’s important for all of us (including young adults) to be able to voice our opinion.

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